Paying the Troll Toll With Farid in Buchrain, Switzerland













Next up was Farid in Buchrain, Switzerland, to show us that everything we’ve heard about Switzerland being beautiful is spot on.


Watch out troll, you have been captured by two of your biggest small fans!

2 biggest fans


About to walk across the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) in Lucerne

Chapel Bridge Lucerne


Troll at the famous Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland

lucerne lion


Troll enjoys a Swiss Birthday party



Enjoying a little liquid refreshment on vacation














Every move you make




Green being green





Hungary, ho!

Sign of the Apocalypse: Oranje people bleeding green

The following is the true story of what you get when you mix orange and green.  Eagles fan 1n_pla1n_s1ght took our beloved Eagles Troll all around The Netherlands, from Blokker to Kaatsheuvel to Amsterdam and sights in-between.  Warning: you will see some pictures of cows and empty streets.  Do not be alarmed.  This is because the country was pretty much shut down during the World Cup.  Warning #2: it being The Netherlands, there were a couple photos I took out for propriety’s sake, but you can find the imgur album…here.  As long as it’s visited every so often, the album should remain up.


De Efteling

01 - 01 De Efteling


This is a big amusement park in the Netherlands which is basically a big fairy tale book come to life.






Troll House in De Efteling

02 - 02 Troll House in De Efteling

The park is filled with “troll houses” so we though it was appropriate to bring the troll along.


At the Dairy Farm

03 - 03 At the dairy farm

The Dutch are known for their cheese so we took the troll to a dairy farm.


Need to Wear the Right Footgear on the Farm

04 - 04 Need to wear the right footgear on the farm They conveniently had some clogs that were the right size.


A Dairy Cow Was Curious What Could Be Green But Not Grass

05 - 05 A dairy cow was curious what could be green but not grass

I ran in and saved the troll just as the cow was opening his mouth to take a bite.


The Troll Found the Destination



06 - 06 The troll found the destination

This Google destination point was just hanging out on the side of the road and we thought it was funny.


Netherlands vs. Mexico

07 - 07 Netherlands vs MexicoOne of the many World Cup games that basically shut down the country. Also, the Netherlands won every game until I sent the troll on his way. Coincidence? We may ask for him back for the next World Cup!


Completely Empty Streets During the Game

08 - 08 Completely empty streets during the game

This street is usually pretty busy, but during the game it was a ghost town.


Empty Red-light District Window

11 - 11 Empty redlight district windowYou can’t take a picture of the girls in the windows without the threat of a bouncer beating you up and smashing your camera. Fortunately, we found an empty window to show you what it looks like.


Full Red-light District Windows

12 - 12 Full redlight district windowsA customer buying the goods. As you can see, these streets aren’t just for men. Everyone walks through to take a look at the famous red-light windows, even families with children.


Canal in Amsterdam

13 - 13 Canal in AmsterdamOne of the many canals in Amsterdam. A popular activity in the summer is cruising around the city with a cooler full of beer and sometimes a charcoal grill in the back of the boat.


You Need to Ride a Bike in Amsterdam

14 - 14 You need to ride a bike in AmsterdamBiking is really the only way to get around. It’s faster than walking and it’s a pain to drive in Amsterdam since there are so many bikers everywhere!


Regular Souvenirs

15 - 15 Regular souvenirsThe souvenir shops were full of Dutch football (soccer) jerseys for the World Cup. The color that the Dutch always wear is orange which is the name of the royal family. Seriously, the kings official title was the “Prince of Orange” before receiving the crown.


Looking at His Options at the Bulldog Coffeeshop

16 - 16 Looking at his options in the Bulldog CoffeeshopThis is the red-light version of Starbucks. Bulldog Coffeeshops are all over the place in Amsterdam and offer some fine green (although mostly to tourists as the locals don’t like to pay the high prices). You can see the sign to the coffeeshop above the troll in the bike picture.


Keeping it Green

17 - 17 Keeping it greenMy wife thought it was funny that green in the pro-marijuana sign matched the troll.

Sitting on a Terrace Drinking a Beer and Eating Bitter Balls is Typically Dutch

18 - 18 Sitting on a terrace drinking a beer and eating bitter balls is typically DutchBitter balls aren’t bitter, they’re actually like ragout which is basically, meat, flour, and fat balls rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. They are crazy delicious and served mouth-burning hot. I’m definitely bringing these to the states in December for game time snacks.


Authentic Windmills That Can Still Be Used

19 - 19 Authentic windmills that can still be usedThese old-fashioned windmills are all over the place. Some are even still used to pump water and mill flour, although this is mainly for the historical appeal rather than necessity. It’s still cool to see the blades spinning in the wind!


On the Dyke

20 - 20 On the dykeThis is one of the infamous dykes in the Netherlands. Without this these the see would come rushing in and millions of people would be under water. You can see people enjoying the sunny weather by biking on the dyke. It really doesn’t get much more Dutch than that!


On to Switzerland!

With the help of Ryan, the Eagles Troll sees the light in Portland, Maine

See what I did there?  Ryan smuggled ET into Patriots territory before our teams practice together this summer.

Fun Fact: In 1787, while Maine was still part of the state of Massachusetts, President George Washington engaged two masons from the town of Portland, Jonathan Bryant and John Nichols, and instructed them to take charge of the construction of a lighthouse on Portland Head. Washington reminded them that the early government was poor, and said that the materials used to build the lighthouse should be taken from the fields and shores, which could be handled nicely when hauled by oxen on a drag. The original plans called for the tower to be 58 feet tall. When the masons completed this task they climbed to the top of the tower and realized that it would not be visible beyond the headlands to the south, so it was raised approximately 20 feet.

During the American Civil War, raids on shipping in and out of Portland Harbor became commonplace, and because of the necessity for ships at sea to sight Portland Head Light as soon as possible, the tower was raised twenty feet. The current keepers’ house was built in 1891. When Halfway Rock Light was built, Portland Head Light was considered less important and in 1883 the tower was shortened 20 feet


DSC_0198 DSC_0197
Off to Omaha, Nebraska!

The Eagles Troll Swoops in to Paris in Time for D-Day With Ollivier

From mangoes in India to wine and cheese in The City of Light, the Eagles Troll is having quite the culinary adventure.  The U.S. and France having a rich history together, it’s no surprise that the American Football team–I have to clarify like that…The World Cup is ongoing after all–of a former U.S. national capital has fans in L’hexagone.  Next, on to The Netherlands, home of that team that just destroyed the Spaniards!  Au revoir!


French way of life

French way of life


Ollivier’s home Eagles museum

My personnal Museum Eiffel Tower

Cathedral Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris


Paris City Hall

Paris City Hall


Lounging on the Seine River

La Seine 1 La Seine 3 La Seine 2

US Navy Submariner Neill and ET Dive Into Seattle

Eagles Troll sitting on the actual sail from the USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 at Deterrent Park on Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor. USS Woodrow Wilson was a Lafayette class ballistic missile submarine that was part of the “41 for Freedom.” She was commissioned: 27 December 1963 and decommissioned: 1 September 1994. Eagles Troll loves a powerful defense, and a ballistic missile submarine is the most powerful weapon on Planet Earth!

USS Woodrow Wilson

The Eagles Troll hanging out with a submarine torpedo replica on Naval Base Kitsap –  Bangor submarine base ready to show how the Eagles will torpedo the rest of the NFC East’s chances to steal the NFC East crown.


Eagles troll on the Bainbridge Island to Seattle ferry with the Seattle skyline in the distance.

Seattle Ferry

Eagles troll with the Space Needle in the background

Space Needle


Eagles Troll on Rachel the Piggy Bank at Pike Place Market in Seattle. In the background is Pike Place Fish Company with the famous throwing fish.

Pike Place Piggie

CenturyLink Field

Eagles Troll supposedly at the home of the 12th man. Working on some repairs on the stadium happened to be a construction worker from New Jersey who yelled Fly Eagles Fly while I took these pictures!

Home of the 12th Man

TJ and ET Roam the Hills and Pagoda of Reading, PA

Perched atop Mount Penn in Reading, Pennsylvania, resides a bell cast in 1739 Japan.  There, TJ and the Eagles Troll reflected on the Eagles prospects for 2014.  Will our secondary clamp down on offenses?  Can Foles and Shady come close to their performances from last year?  Will our boys do us proud?  The answer, they inevitably discovered, was a question unto itself: Does the sun rise in the east?  Fly, Eagles, Fly.


iambrownAMA and the Eagles Troll Go Bollywood in Bangalore, India

Being the open-minded troll that he is, ET took up iambrownAMA’s offer to join the Mile-High club through this Eagles fan’s jetsetting travels.

IMG_20140125_011620068 IMG_20140125_011428768

While in India, the normally very carnivorous Eagles Troll respected the local religious customs and dipped his toes in the proverbial curry water.

IMG_20140309_145419899 IMG_20140120_225647520


The friendship only blossomed with the introduction of local liquid refreshments.

IMG_20140302_161250 IMG_20140309_135443559

His time with iambrownAMA was a lot of fun and extremely memorable.  Who knew that even South Asia bleeds green??  On to France!